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    India's Leading Dairy Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier


    Hindustan Thermostatics is one of the leading Dairy Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in the country. Known for its well functioning of dairy tools, Hindustan Thermostatic has come a long way in revolutionising the Dairy Industry with its equipment and services. It is an honor for the company to render its services to 28 countries around the globe as a Dairy Equipment Manufacturer as well as Supplier. Since 1999, serving as a trusted Dairy Equipment company, expansion has been a major boost in the field of all dairy tool starting from Milk collection system going through milk testing proceeding towards milk processing to milk packaging Hindustan Thermostatics offers complete project solutions to your milk plant with full automation and a data logging system.


    As a renowned Dairy Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier,, Hindustan Thermostatic has been continuously engaging in offering desired results to its clients and has received immense goodwill. Since 2003, we have been innovating our company and deal in a plethora of Dairy Equipment. As a leading dairy equipment manufacturer and dairy equipment supplier company, we deal within India as well as South Africa. Hindustan Thermostatics is a full service dairy solution provider offering a comprehensive range of milking equipment sales, service, and installation to dairy producers throughout India as well as South Africa. A wide array of our services include:

    • Milk Processing Solution
    • Dairy Farm Solution
    • Milk Testing Equipment
    • Dairy Lab Equipment
    • Milk Storage Solution


    • Fast and accurate analysis for precise analytical reports
    • Rapidness in handling large measurements
    • Less power consumption
    • Less quantity of milk required
    • Avoids usage of harmful acids and chemicals
    • Full warranty for one year
    • User-friendly as Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done easily by the user

    Hindustan Thermostatics is continually striving hard to innovate products to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry. We believe in being the country’s largest dairy … farm design, dairy equipment, dairy manufacturer and dairy supplier. Our core values foster a culture, encouraging employees to perform their best. As a leading dairy equipment manufacturer and supplier, we invest heavily in the dairy equipment which results in offering the best outputs for our valuable clients.