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    Milk Butyrometer 0-8%

    Milk Butyrometer 0-8%

    Product Cat # HTMB-1


    • As per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) IS1223.
    • Made from Borosilicate Glass (Type I) with a co-efficient of linear thermal expansion 33 x 10-7/OC.
    • Having Flat Scale with Screen Printing.
    Butyrometer NamePercent ScaleQuantity of Material TestedBasis of Graduation in mlCapacity of Body in ml
    HTMB-1Milk Butyrometer 0-8%811 ml0.125 corresponds to 1% fat20.5+/-0.5
    HTMB-2Milk Butyrometer 0-10%1010.75 ml0.125 corresponds to 1% fat20.5+/-0.5
    HTCRB-1Cream Butyrometer 0-70%705g3.974 corresponds to 70% fat21.5+/-0.5
    HTCHB-1Cheese Butyrometer 0-40%403g1.350 corresponds to 40% fat21.5+/-0.5
    HTSKB-1Skim Milk Butyrometer 0.5%0.521.5ml0.125 corresponds to 0.05% fat43.5+/-0.5