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    Autoclave, Portable
    Autoclave, Portable1

    Autoclave, Portable

    Product Cat # AP0099


    Hindustan Thermostatic is a name of quality and quick service, an asset to Bio-fertilizer Laboratories and research institutes with modest sterilizing needs, where contaminated objects require sterilization.We deal in the manufacturing of Portable Autoclave, its export and supply. The product offered is manufactured using latest as well as advanced technology. The product we offer is Made of aluminum, having 63mm pressure guage , with a stop clock , additional safety valve , steam release valve container and stand electrical. It's Size can vary, such as  (Dia. X Height) : 300 x 375mm, 25 Liters. The product is designed  and fabricated for steam sterilization process to Kill micro-organisms. Our company ensures an absolute professional results with the production of these products.