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    Hindustan Thermostatics is a full service dairy solution provider offering a comprehensive range of milking equipment sales, service, and installation to dairy producers throughout India and South Africa. As the most trusted milk tester manufacturer and milk tester supplier, we aim at offering the most ensured services to our clients to maintain a user-friendly bond.Our dairy testing services are performed with the highest levels of accuracy. As industry leaders, our reputation stands for itself of providing analytical results to satisfied customers in India as well as South Africa.We are the leading Milk Testing Equipment Manufacturer and Milk Testing Equipment Supplier. Within a wide array of services, we also offer services and the necessary requirement for Milk Analyser, Butyrometer, Gerber Testing Equipment, Milk Adulteration Test Kit.Producing high-quality milk equires time and care,healthy and happy cows, right choices, choices that fit in with you and your goals. Our solutions for milk testing manufacturing and milk testing supplying help you with this. As the most trusted Milk tester manufacturers and milk tester suppliers, all of our possible solutions can be used to achieve your specific goals.All our testing techniques are packed with a careful process to avoid any mistakes and thus enables us to maintain our position in the list of Milk testing Equipment Manufacturer and Milk testing Equipment Supplier. Hindustan Thermostatics, over the last couple of years has created a market leadership position for itself in branded milk segment in India and South Africa through a robust network of its booth and retail channels. We also plan to expand our reach to other regions offering Milk and Milk products.Appreciated as a Milk testing Equipment Manufacturer as well as Milk Testing Equipment Supplier, our firm sources significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives. It is because of our constant dedication and quality services that gives us an upper hand in the dairy industry.