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    Milk Butyrometer 0-10%
    Milk Butyrometer 0-10%1

    Milk Butyrometer 0-10%

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    Hindustan Thermostatics has achieved recognition as renowned manufacturers, exporters as well as suppliers of a variety of products as well as services. Milk Bytromoter, that we manufacture is designed and tested according to the needs of our clients. Our product depicts high performance, with an easy operation. It is completely low maintenance and our product is effective as well as efficient. Hindustan Thermostatics is deeply engaged in offering an optimum quality range of MilkButyrometer. The product offered is exclusively manufactured using high-grade glass material and latest technology. Milk Butyro meter is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its accurate measurement and easy to use. Ensuring smooth operations, our quality controllers strictly check this product on different quality parameters.

    The Dairy Industry, trade and the public analysts in India prefer to use THE GERBER METHOD for the rapid and routine determination of Fat in milk and milk products when a relatively large number of samples has to be analyzed at a time. The use of apparatus standardized and calibrated according to the conditions and materials available in our country and the adoption of uniform methods of determination of fat will enable one to obtain comparable results, within a reasonable degree of accuracy.


    The Milk Butyrometer is one of the most advanced forms of Milk Analyzing Dairy Instrument which is beneficial in measuring the milk as well as fat contents in the milk sample. This Milk Analyzing Instrument is compact, accurate with ultimate solutions. A Cylindrical Vessel is the most widespread Butyrometer with a scale that indicates the content of fat in the milk sample.

    Various types of Butyrometer:

    • Milk Butyrometer Original Gerber
    • Milk Butyrometer acc. Standard ISO
    • Precision Milk Butyrometer
    • Milk Butyrometer acc. To national standards 

    Milk Butyrometer is an advanced, useful, effective way of analyzing and examining the milk components in the sample. Gerber's method which was invented by a Swiss Chemist, Nicklaus Gerber is used in this determination. 

    Milk Butyromter Features :


    • As per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) IS1223.
    • Made from Borosilicate Glass (Type I) with a coefficient of linear thermal expansion 33 x 10-7/OC.
    • Having Flat Scale with Screen Printing.

    Gerber Test for Butterfat with Butyromter for accurate results!

    One of the most reliable methods to determine the butterfat in the milk is by using the Gerber Test method which is low cost and highly effective with accurate results. 

    Follow the steps for a step to step testing procedure for the Gerber Test:

    STEP 1: Use a Milk Butyrometer of 10.75 ml

    STEP 2: Take 10 ml of sulphuric acid in the device from the Tilt Measure

    STEP 3: Add on 10.75 ml of milk in the Butyrometer from the average sample with Milk Puppet 

    STEP 4: Amyl alcohol through the Tilt Measure is added to the Milk Butyrometer 

    STEP 5: In this step, the Butyrometer can be closed with a Lock stopper

    STEP 6: The Milk elements are dissolved in the Butyrometer

    STEP 7: Place the Butyrometer in the Centrifuge which should continue for 5 minutes

    STEP 8: Moving on, sink the Butyrometer vertically, the lock stopper should be down, with a temperature of 65-70 degrees, and wait until the reading is displayed 

    STEP 9: Take the reading at eye level. The butyrometer, lock stopper down should be vertical. You are then required to read the graduation mark at the base of the meniscus. If the reading comes out as 3.2, therefore the milk fat content is 3.2% or 3.2grams of fat per liter of milk.


    Reading of a Butyrometer:

    • Milk Butyrometer is a fat measuring device for milk
    • The result is measured in percentage
    • The reading is considered in the reverse order, such as 10% 9% till 0%

    Master Equipment Used:

    • High Precision Weighing Balance
    • Mercury (50grams)
    • Beaker: both 5ml and 20ml
    • Volumetric Cylinder 

    1. Mercury, as a Master Equipment, is used because of its high specific gravity for calibration
    2. The Weighing Balance is used to measure the weight to receive the desired volume of hg
    3.  Volumetric Cylinder holds the butyrometer in a steady and balanced condition
    4. Beaker pours the calculated amount of hg

    Capacities, Scales & Volumes for Butyrometers:

    Butyrometer Name

    Percent Scale

    The quantity of Material Tested

    The basis of Graduation in ml

    The capacity of Body in ml



    Milk Butyrometer 0-8%


    11 ml

    0.125 corresponds to 1% fat

    20.5 /-0.5


    Milk Butyrometer 0-10%


    10.75 ml

    0.125 corresponds to 1% fat

    20.5 /-0.5


    Cream Butyrometer 0-70%



    3.974 corresponds to 70% fat

    21.5 /-0.5


    Cheese Butyrometer 0-40%



    1.350 corresponds to 40% fat

    21.5 /-0.5


    Skim Milk Butyrometer 0.5%



    0.125 corresponds to 0.05% fat

    43.5 /-0.5

    Minimum Order Quantity100 Person
    10.75 ml
    Pack TypeBox