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  • Hindustan Thermostatics is devoted in providing the best product for the dairy farmer, not just through our product line, but through quality solutions and an excellent service program.Our organisation is continuously investing to make sure that our clients receive the best solution, service and overall product possible for their dairy farm. One of the most useful services we provide is being the most accepted Milk Adulteration test kit manufacturer and Milk Adulteration test kit supplier.The major problem occurs as Milk is most commonly diluted with water - this not only reduces its nutritional value, but also contaminated water can also cause additional health problems.Hindustan Thermostatics as a leading Milk adulteration test kit manufacturer and Milk adulteration test kit supplier, makes sure to provide with the developed and commercialized ready-to-use kit for detection of commonly used adulterants in milk. With the use of simple yet quick test procedures used in the kit, we can detect the presence of Urea, Ammonia fertilizers, Nitrate fertilizers/Pond water, Starch and Cereal flours, Sucrose, Glucose, Salt, Neutralizers and Hydrogen peroxide by comparing the colors developed after addition of test reagents to milk. The kit can be easily utilised by people with less training as well.Ranking in the top dairy companies, recognised as Milk adulteration test kit manufacturers as well as Milk adulteration test kit Supplier, we provide the test kit which is available in three pack sizes such as small, medium and large.The purpose of each kit is different as they are suited for specific usage, namely, at household level, dairy cooperative society level and dairy plant level respectively. It is extremely important and one of our priorities that Milk should be harvested and stored under hygienic conditions. With the help of the adulteration test kit, we ensure that milking routines do not introduce contaminants in milk. Working in India and expanding our firm in South Africa, we aim at producing products with purity and cleanliness. The tasks are doubled up when you are given an appreciation for being a top- notch company serving as a Milk adulteration kit manufacturer as well as Milk adulteration kit supplier as our clients deal with us professionally and most importantly trust our services and work.Supplying our products in India and South Africa, we hope to increase our global reputation in the coming years.