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    Rapid Test Strips Type II
    Rapid Test Strips Type II1
    Rapid Test Strips Type II2

    Rapid Test Strips Type II

    Product Cat # HTDA-2


    The Rapid Test Strips help in the detection of Glucose and Maltodextrin. The rapid paper strip test is basically used for detection of maltodextrin in milk. The respective strip is in white colour and  is dipped in the milk sample which is followed by visualization of change in colour of the strip. The colour alters to yellow if the milk is adulterated with maltodextrin. The potency of yellow colour developed in the strip is proportional to the amount of glucose maltodextrin present in the particular milk sample. The test can detect the presence of 0.05% level of maltodextrin in milk. Furthermore, test can be utilised at milk reception centres and is also beneficial in residential units.

    Milk adulteration test strip kit type II (50 strips) • Glucose • Maltodextrin (two tests in a single strip)