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  • What Is a Milk Analyzer And Where Does Its Applications Imply?

    Milk Analyzer are Dairy Equipment which are highly recognized as the core of Dairy Industry. Analyzing and examining the sample milk before it is ready for consumption is a core task which needs to be performed on a regular basis with the help of an accurate machinery. The Indian Dairy Industry has gained a huge significance as the second largest Food Industry in the country.

    Milk Analyzers are used for a rapid examination of:

    • Fats
    • Non-Solid-Fats
    • Proteins
    • Added Water
    • Protein
    • Temperature
    • Freezing Point
    • Solids
    • Milk Conductivity
    • Milk Density

    The Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer can also be easily unified with an Automatic Milk Collection Unit for examining various activities such as analyzing milk parameters, processing and storage for record purposes.

    Treat The Milk Well With Different Types Of Milk Analyzers

    There is a wide range of Milk Analyzers with varied purposes, serving the milk processing solutions.

    • Kure in Single Sensor
    • Kure in with Inbuilt DPU
    • Kure in with Inbuilt DPU
    • Swift with Inbuilt Printer
    • Swift with Inbuilt DPU
    • Swift Double Sensor
    • Ultrasonic Milk Stirrer

    The Power Of Dairy Is Incredible!

    Milk Analyzers constitute a wide range of benefits and uses which reduces manpower workload and also supports a smooth workflow.


    • The Dairy Equipment is highly user friendly
    • Constitutes a lower power consumption
    • A full one year warranty
    • Accurate record of data
    • Easy control in SNF Variability
    • Less quantity of milk sample required to commence with the process
    • Avoids the usage of chemical and hazardous acids

    Pure By Look And Nature, Let Us See How The Milk Analyser Functions!

    The working of a Milk Analyzer is largely dependent on the principle of Ultrasonic's.

    The signals which are permitted to sneak through the samples are measured digitally to record a precise display.

    • Take a small sample cup of about 30ml.
    • Allow the peristaltic pump to suck the milk in and also firmly sustain it in a sensor, also known as ultrasonic
    • The Ultrasonic sensor then heats it to 40*C
    • The Ultrasonic waveform is further transmitted from one end of sensor and gathered from the another end
    • The waves are then analyzed with the help of a central micro controller
    • The further step is followed by raising the temperature by 20*C, continuing the sample analysis at 60*C temperature
    • Lastly, the milk parameters such as Fat in % (0-10), SNF, Solid non Fat(0-15) %, Density in g/ml and others are displayed on the LCD which are calculated with mathematical calculation Lactose, Salt.

    Hindustan Thermostatics believes in excessive hard work hard to produce output to meet the ever-changing needs of the Dairy Industry. Our core values foster a culture, encouraging employees to perform their best. As a leading dairy equipment manufacturer and supplier, we invest heavily in the dairy equipment which results in offering the best outputs for our valuable clients.


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