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    Automatic Milk Collection Unit
    Automatic Milk Collection Unit1

    Automatic Milk Collection Unit

    Product Cat # AMC-27


    Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU) is highly appreciated in the dairy industry, as it is primarily introduced to supply reliable milk collecting solutions which is reliable, to the concerned dairy co-operative societies. It is highly unified with the latest techniques, justifying the process of all the minutest characteristics, during the ongoing process of milk collection.

    Hindustan Thermostatics India’s products are developed with security and high end quality. Our Automatic Milk Collection Unit consumes less time for milk collection and operates on a fully automatic system. It is highly appropriate with different milk analyzers, and handles excel as well as formula based inputs, to fulfill a flexible milk rate management.

    Ultrasonic stirrer used for removing air bubbles from milk samples before testing to get the accurate result.

    With India being recognized as one of the largest Dairy Industries in the world, Technological advancements have definitely influenced the milk production sector. There are numerous instruments which are specifically designed and developed to analyze and examine the milk content and the components present in the milk samples. The organized Dairy sector has definitely evolved and focuses on the quality of milk which is extracted out of the sample and is distributed for consumption. One such effective Milk Analyzing Tool which is installed by various Milk Collection Centers and Cooperative societies is the Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU). This analyzer is also known as an Online Milk Collection Unit which measures the weight, fat contents in the milk sample. 

    Weighing scale:

    Ultrasonic vibrator:

    Remote display:

    Data processing unit:

    Solar Panel with charge controller:

    AC Inverotor:

    Type of server:

    Automatic Milk Collection Unit | Online Milk Collection Unit

    AMCU Contains:

    • Milk Analyzer Ultrscan Kurien
    • Data processing unit with inbuilt thermal printer
    • Ultrasonic Stirrer
    • SS Weighing Scale
    • Remote Display

    Installation at site available


    • A unique number ID is provided to the milk procuring farmers
    • This unique ID card will be further identified when the farmer comes to pour the milk
    • Followed by this, the milk of the farmer will be transferred into a testing container which will examine the weight, fat content, and quantum of milk. The rate is calculated and the farmer gets the printed payment slip
    • Based on the parameters and quality of milk, the rate is calculated and the farmer receives the printed payment slip


    Some manufacturers are now using a new method of milk procurement which is easily accessible and more accurate. The Mobile Automatic Milk Collection Unit is an emerging Milk Analyzer instrument which comprises of the following components:

     A Wide Digital display

    Milk Analyzer

    • A Wide Digital display
    • Milk Analyzer
    • Electronic Weighing scale
    • Printer and Splitter inbuilt within Data Processor


    • Farmers are given unique codes
    • The milk sample of the farmer is injected in the inlet tube of milk analyzer by the operator
    • The weight of the milk is measured through the electronic weighing scale
    • All the milk parameters such as the SNF, Fat and water content are displayed on the screen
    • Based on the above measurements, the farmers receives the rate receipt


    The Automatic Milk Collection (AMCU) Unit is highly effective for a high driven milk quality. It reduces human error and manual effort. This Online Milk Collection Unit is highly accurate for measuring the milk parameters and is therefore recognized as the most transparent Milk Analyzer which delivers productive results.

    Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Piece
    Design Type
    Ac Power Supply Voltage
    AC or DC
    Power Consumption
    50 watt