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    Ultra Scan Swift

    Ultra Scan Swift

    Product Cat # HTDA-3


    When European technology meets Indian affordable price we call it with the name ULTRA SCAN MILCH ANALYZER (the German word 'milch'=milk)

    ULTRA SCAN SWIFT sample test time just 18 secs.

    • No warm-up time 

    • All parameter result strictly according to the mentioned accuracy with accurate repeatability 

    • 3 types of calibration channel (cow, buffalo, mix)

    • Detachable & interchangeable sensor (no version matching)

    • On display cleaning history

    • USB & RS 232 Attachment

    • Real Time Clock 

    Silent Features:

        • Best in class display
        • Manual as well as automatic cleaning
        • Most easy & user-friendly keypad design
        • Cleaning history on the display
        • RS 232 as well as a USB interface
        • Directly attach printer
        • Can be attached to any DPU with selectable data output format
        • Bi-directional communication by RS 232 port
        • Detachable as well as interchangeable sensor